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When I found out I was pregnant with my youngest, the doctor told me that I could not have picked a worse time to be pregnant. I had been diagnosed with a serious rare eye condition that was causing hemorrhaging in my eyes, leaving me completely blind in my left eye and partially blind in my right. I heard about Dr. Sebi's Usha Village in Honduras, and after fundraising and help from friends and family, I went to Usha Village for healing at just a few weeks pregnant. Dr Sebi told me I was going to have a powerful girl. I doubted him. After having my eyes healed and regaining my vision, I had a sonogram at a local hospital that revealed my due date to be Dr. Sebi's birthday. I promised him that if I did indeed have a girl, I would name her Usha, in honor of the village. Sadly, Dr. Sebi passed away while I was still pregnant and I never got the chance to tell him that his prediction was accurate. Usha was born on November 25, 2016 (the day before what would have been Dr Sebi's next birthday) and boy was she POWERFUL!  After getting my vision back and having Usha, I embarked on a journey to combine my knowledge as a toxicologist with holistic practices. More specifically, I wanted to provide a platofrm where I could educate and empower women by showing them just how dope they (and their bodies) are.  When I got certified as a PeriSteam Facilitator, Usha (now 3) was my practice client (yes, turns out there's no age limit on steaming if done safely). She absolutely loved the experience and said she wanted to help me do this for "mommies and girls and everyone!" Thus, USHA'S OASIS was born! We provide feminine wellness products and services for

 "Mommies and Girls and Everyone!"

-Tamykah Anthony, Certified Peristeam Facilitator and Co-Founder of Usha's Oasis

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