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Yoni Appreciation Cards

Fun facts and trivia to educate and inspire some yoni appreciation. Yoni is the Sanskrit words meaning source, womb, center of creation, Shakti. These beautiful cards provide some cool, fun and little known trivia and facts about the female reproductive system/womb. What does the vagina have in common with sharks?????? Grab your deck to find out. Great for a girls night in or couples night in!


White Sage Smudge Stick

White Sage Smudge Stick for spiritual cleansing and protection. Smudging (burning sage) is an ancient practice. White sage is antimicrobial and antibacterial so regular smudging can help prevent/reduce bacteria, viruses and fungi. White Sage can also be used to repel insects. Use smudging to cleanse your home, space, energy, or items like crystals. When smudging, use positive intention to cleanse negative energy. Approximately 4 inches


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