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Strong Arm & HERmonal supplements Bundle


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Product Description

Buy both and save! Now available as a bundle for him and her. Great for couples. Specially formulated for men, our Strong Arm capsules (regularly $27.99) can provide a testosterone boost and help impact how the body deals with stress, fatigue and anxiety using adaptogens that regulate metabolism, provide antioxidants, improve prostate health and even prevent hair loss. The maca root helps build muscle and will have your stamina on point as well. Take 2 capsules daily 21 day supply Our HERmonal formula (regularly $35) uses Mother Nature's finest androgen blockers to promote balanced hormones, promote clear skin, promote healthy hair growth and reduce male pattern hair growth, support metabolism and a healthy weight. HERmonal is not just for those with PCOS. Every woman deserves balanced hormones! Also great for menstrual disorders and menopause. 42 capsules/ Take 2 per day Try an all natural herbal solution to help alleviate the symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance.

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