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Balanced Box vaginal suppositories


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Product Description

The healthy pH range for the vagina is 3.5 - 4.5. Many factors can affect and throw off your pH. The pH of semen and blood is around 7.1 - 7.4 so just having sex or your menstrual cycle can affect/increase your pH. In addition, most soaps have a pH around 9, so using soap to wash your ladyparts can also throw off your pH. Wearing certain underwear (without a cotton gusset) can affect pH as well. It is important for vaginal pH to stay in a healthy range because it keeps the good bacteria thriving and keeps the bad bacteria (that causes infections) in check! With so many ways that can throw off your pH, it is inevitable that you will (if you haven't already) experienced being "off". This is why having Our boric acid suppositories (with added tea tree oil and coconut oil) in your "yoni toolkit" is so essential. They are perfect for before or after sex, after your menstrual cycle, or anytime you feel off. For those who suffer from recurrent bacterial vaginosis and/or yeast infections, these are great as well. They help get your pH back in check and also neutralize odor. Each child proof bottle comes with 28 capsules, which should last a few months even for those with recurrent infections. These suppositories are also included in our "Box box" filled with 11 essentials for a happy and healthy yoni/vagina.

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